Firmly established in Bali, B’Lux is one of the leading fashion house of modern luxury apparel who embodies the elegance spirit to the fullest. B’Lux products represent a new authentic style that has given life to Bali’s raw beauty in its high-end design. Our collections premise comes alive in the look of romance, resort and luxury touch. It is leading to a liberated mode of dressing for a strong and socially active souls.

Designed creatively and confidently, a mixing of those different visions with an authenticity creating the uniquely B’Lux. Every piece is crafted with an obsessive attention to detail, which devoted to every souls with a distinctive identity.

The brand approaches design with a purposeful misinterpretation, reimagining luxury with a perfectly silhouette shaping that is becoming B’Lux signature. B-Lux is committed to maintain their well-made garments, timeless design and high-quality products that is synonymous with effortless elegant style.